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Fart Jokes, Riddles and Poems


 Headling our Fart Village retro revival, we are glad to put up some classic comedy fart jokes, riddles, and poems. Nearly all of them probably have the same answer . . . a fart!!! Enjoy, and make sure you visit soon because we will be adding more!


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Fart Jokes

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Fart Riddles

(sorry we don't have a lot because it's hard to get fart riddles!)

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Fart Poems



Farting can be fun
Be it silent or loud
You can do it on the run
by yourself or in a crowd
Some are very dry
and some are wet
some can make you cry
and some will make you sweat
so eat some spicy food
and try hard to let one go
yes, farting is rude
but it's fun don't ya know....



Here I sit
Same as ever
Took a dump
And pulled the lever
The toilet clogged
The water flowed
Look out world it's a mother load 


Excuse Me For Farting

Pardon me for being rude
it was not me it was my food
it just popped up to say hello
and now it's gone back down below 

Talking Turd
As I sat on the bog one day
Having a good old dump
I heard a voice from down below
It didn't half make me jump
And there I spied a talking turd
I thought it rather potty
It said "I don't want to die"
And jumped back up my booty